Worried About Signs of Cancer?

If you notice any changes to your body’s normal processes or unusual, unexplained symptoms can sometimes be an early sign of cancer. We would strongly urge you to ring your GP practice as soon as possible and your GP will be able to triage you over the telephone. Your GP will support you in the next steps with an urgent referral, so please don’t delay getting the help you need.

The main symptoms to look out and act upon for are:

  1. Lump in breast
  2. Changes in bowel habits
  3. Blood in your pee or poo
  4. Unexplained weight loss
  5. Moles that appear to change
  6. Cough that you’ve had for three weeks or more

Signs and symptoms of cancer

For further information on the signs and symptoms of cancer, please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/cancer/symptoms