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Home Visits

Home visits are reserved for patients who are housebound or too ill to come to the health centre. Do make every effort to come to the surgery as we have better facilities for examinations and treatment and you will be seen, if urgent, on arrival.

If you require a visit please contact the surgery between 9am and 11am. This is so our visiting round for the day can be planned effectively.

Please be prepared to give some details to the receptionist. The doctor may wish to speak to you to assess the urgency of the visit.

At home the doctor will only have limited equipment and it is often difficult to perform a full assessment of your symptoms. It is therefore essential that if it is at all possible that you attend the Surgery to see the doctor.

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No Guarantee

The Surgery does not guarantee to visit patients requesting Home Visits

Ability to visit will depend on clinical priorities and staff availability. When the Surgery cannot allocate a GP to visit, further advice will be provided by the reception team.

Further, the Surgery cannot guarantee a time for the Home Visit, as practitioners have a full roster of clinical duties to perform in the Surgery. Where a home visit has been agreed and the patient's condition is deteriorating, it is important that alternative provision for medical support (eg calling 999 for an urgent ambulance) is engaged without delay. Where this has occurred, pleased inform the Surgery team.