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Travel Health & Immunisations

Westbury Medical Centre runs a comprehensive travel clinic for registered patients of the practice. We can also make arrangements to see non registered patients of the practice, please speak to our practice manager about this.

Our nurse uses up-to-date information to advise you on your health needs related to destinations around the world. They can administer most vaccinations and provide prescriptions for treatments where needed.

Many people are taking long-haul holidays requiring complicated courses of vaccines. Children also need to he vaccinated for travel abroad. Most travel vaccinations are free. To assist you in these requirements please see additional travel health information below.

How do I arrange a Travel Appointment?

You will need to complete this questionnaire (download here) and hand it to the reception team at least ONE month (and ideally 8-12 weeks) before travelling.

Once we have received and processed this form, the reception team will contact you to arrange a suitable appointment with the travel clinic.

What will I need to bring to the clinic appointment?

Bring any past vaccination history you have. The Travel Clinic is a non-NHS service so there may be a fee for some of the vaccinations you need. Our price list is available on our Travel Questionnaire (see above).

You will need to pay any fee before vaccines are  administered. You will be able to pay with cash or cheque. Cards are not accepted. Yellow Fever and Rabies vaccinations require payment ONE WEEK prior to the appointment, as these need to be ordered (and paid for) before the appointment. Payments made for either of these vaccinations are NON REFUNDABLE.

When Should I Visit?

Ideally 4-6 weeks before travel enabling you to complete any course (rabies, hep B jap enceph, cholera).

If you are not intending to do any course and need only a booster then 14 days before is sufficient.

Last Minute

It is always good to come even if it is one day before travel as we can still vaccinate you and give you advice and malaria tablets (if required).

Yellow Fever

Our Surgery is an accredited Yellow Fever vaccination centre.Yellow fever requires 10 days before travel for full immunity.

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If you require a prescription for vaccinations this will be ready to collect 2 working days following your appointment.

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Holiday Health

It is always a wise precaution to pack some essential items in case of illness on holiday. Do choose medicines according to your needs and the country you are intending to visit. lf you take prescription medicines regularly remember to pack them too.

You may want to consider packing the following:

  • Paracetamol Travel Sickness tablets Plasters and a small crepe bandage
  • Rehydration solutions such as Dioralyte, Anti-diarrhoeal e.g. lmodium
  • High factor sunscreen
  • Anti-material tablets, Water purification tablets, Insect repellent
  • Condoms / other contraceptives
  • Sunhats for yourself and children

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Mosquito Bite Avoidance for Travellers

In many tropical countries, mosquitoes can spread diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, West Nile, malaria, yellow fever and Zika. Here are five simple rules you should follow to reduce your risk of infections spread by mosquitoes.

Download this Information Leaflet for further Information.

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Useful Travel Information Websites

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Travel Vaccination Charges

We offer the travel health service free of charge, but unfortunately the NHS does not cover the cost of all the treatments you may need. Therefore, for some services you may need to pay.

Malaria Tablets are NOT provided on the NHS and sometimes can be bought over-the-counter or may require a private prescription. The nurse can advise regarding this or you could discuss with your pharmacist. REMEMBER some tablets have to be started at least one week before you travel and you need continue to take them when you return to the UK for the advised length of time.

A list of these charges is held at reception and is also available on our Travel Questionnaire (See How to Arrange a Travel Appointment above).