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Blood Pressure Home Monitoring

Tips for Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Record your blood pressure twice in the morning and twice in the evening

  • Sit quietly for 5 minutes before each pair of readings

  • Leave at least one minute between each measurement. Write both results in the boxes.

  • Systolic (syst) is the higher number – Diastolic (diastol) is the lower of the two

  • Whenever possible, return the completed form to the Practice a week prior to your appointment

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Sending Us Your Results Online

If your doctor asks you to use a blood pressure recording machine at home for a period of one week or more, you will need to record the readings each day on a paper form. Normally a form covers a one week period. At the end of the week you will send in the form to the surgery.

This application replaces the need for the paper form because it allows you to enter your readings online. As soon as all your readings have been entered for the week, you can send the form directly to the surgery without the need to use the post, fax or a visit in person.

Another advantage is that the average blood pressure calculations are calculated automatically eliminating possible errors and saving administration time within the surgery.

Access the Blood Pressure Chart Application.

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Paper Results Form

If you do not want to use our online form (see above) for sending in your results, you can download a copy of our paper form here.